Thursday, September 18, 2008

The chess sweater

If you ask me: which of my works I am most proud of? I will answer without thinking: The chess sweater! It is finished for long time ago, but I still haven’t posted it here.
Joakim, my boyfriend already wrote about that in his blog in Swedish now I will tell my story ;)

Once I started to think how to make two so different disciplines (chess and knitting) fuse together and came on idea to make a special chess sweater. So we started to juggle with this Idea and soon visualized it. Joakim had freedom and power to choose colors and design of sweater, I told what is and what is not possible (or good). So a couple of weeks before Swedish Championship of Chess, 2007 we went to store to choose yarn and I started to knit. If I remember correctly sweater was not ready at the first of the playing days, but afterwards Joakim could use it.
None of as is superstitious so chess sweater is just the sweater not an amulet or so. But every time when he wears it at some chess happening I am curious if someone made the remark or asked about sweater.