Thursday, January 24, 2008


I got the idea of having the poncho after visiting friends in Uruguay, South America autumn, 2005. There people just love ponchos. This pattern I saw on Garnstudio homepage, look here. And I wanted to have such poncho immediately. I went to the store and bought yarn. I even didn’t bother to use other colors or other yarn, as I liked poncho as it was. And I used up exactly as much as it was suggested in description. Yarn Highlander from Garnstudio 90% wool and 10% nylon. Colors 1 and 13. This clothing is very popular in my little family. Sometimes, if I am too slow to get up in the morning and it is cold in the apartment, then I have no chance to get poncho of my boyfriend who also loves it, cause it is so warm.

Hat, scarf and gloves

When I first saw this yarn Iceland from Marks & Kattens I had impression that it is snowing and snow is still on the clothes. Nice feeling, as we don’t get it any more at the wintertime in Stockholm due to the greenhouse effect. So I decided to make something out of this yarn for wearing outside. Pattern for hat I used from Garnstudio, description here. Scarf I made by myself and gloves also. As gloves from Iceland yarn alone would be too cold to use, I made one pair of gloves from other yarn and then I am using two pairs in one. Then it is warm. ;o)
Colors which I used were 1799 for reddish and 1800 for brownish yarn.

Orange scarf and hat

When I was at Uruguay, I met a friend, Mary who was making such a scarf for somebody. I liked how it turned out, so I asked her to teach me the pattern. We also went to yarn store and there I was impressed how many different and bright colors one could buy there then. At that time, I had difficulties to see such bright colors in Sweden’s yarn shops (but now it is better). And not just color, but also price was different. I can buy 1 kg nice yarn in Uruguay for the same price as I buy 100 g at Sweden. So, then I bought a pile of yarn there. One of them was this orange, 2209 Família made by Pingouin. And immediately started to knit the scarf. After scarf I wanted to make something on the head, so I made this very simple hat. After making hat ready I was at the yarn store again (now in Sweden) and there I saw such an orange chunky yarn Happy from Idéna, color 800. As I didn’t want to pull all up I took a crochet hook and crocheted around the hat with this chunky yarn. Due to that the hat is very warm as there are 3 layers around the ears. That is a reason why I share this hat with my boyfriend. Usually the hat is wearing person who is biking.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why there are so few posts so far? Blaim ravelry!

Since I’ve been in to the community Ravelry I hardly have a time for other things, not to mention knitting or crocheting or even updating my blogg. Ravelry is very good help with organising yarns, projects and patterns. One can join relevant groups of interests, look on other people works and get a huge amount of new ideas. But that takes time...
Still, I don’t regret!!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Latvian mittens: first finished project in 2008

I started to knit mittens for my boyfriend short before New Years Eve. Then when just little was left, I run out from the light green colour yarn. It didn’t bother me so much, I though, ok after holydays I am going to yarn shop and buy a new stain. But... when in yarn shop I get know that this yarn is not in production any more ;o( So, I had just two possibilities: 1) not to believe the seller and try to find yarn somewhere else or 2) try to do something different about mittens.
When I came to home and complain to my boyfriend, he came up with excellent idea. I should pull out the end of the first, finished mitten, use light green yarn to finish the thumb of the second one and then just to knit the ends of both in dark green yarn. That’s what I did and they came out fine. I knitted with Superwash Safir yarn from Marks & Kattens 100% wool. The pattern I found in old attchment (from 1976) of Soviet Latvia women magazine.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Daces hobbies- blog in English

Once, when I used an internet there was a person who started to chat with me via skype. Word by word and he asked what do I like to do in my spare time. I said as it was: knitting, crocheting, reading of books, music and some other things. And then this person said: *sounds like my mother*. Hmm, I started to feel as from dinosaur age. Is there really some knitters, crocheters left nowadays?
But then I become a mother myself and started to be prouder with what I love to do. I looked in some hand workers blogs, communities and forums for knitters and crocheters, got inspired and decided to gather in one place things which I have done and am doing.
First I made a blog in Latvian, my mother tongue: Daces hobiji but now I want to make it readable for more people, so I will write in English.
Usually I will not describe the progress of my works, as it takes time, but I will show the result.
I will be just happy if some of you, readers, will find inspiration from my blog as I do when I read other people blogs.