Sunday, October 19, 2008

Red crocheted shawl

Maybe I should say a word about that red crocheted scarf which you see as the profile picture of my blog. It is crocheted with cotton yarn Härvan 8/4 bought at Åhléns and the pattern is again from old women magazine craft attachment, released in Soviet Latvia. It is so simple to make, but at the same time seems, that many people think that the pattern is some kind of highest hill and I got a lot of compliments for this shawl.
Oh, while I am thinking of this shawl it brings me some nice memories. First of all this project was first which I partly made in public. Quite a lot people wondered how do I manage to do something so complicated. Also there were some who said, that never thought that women in my age do something like this.
Stupid enough I also started to travel by plain with yarn and crochet hook in my hand luggage, but wow for me, whose hook was from metal. I was suspected through security check until I explained that sharp piece of metal is actually innocent craft tool. ;))))