Friday, August 22, 2008

Colorful jacket in yarn Simpson

Sometimes it takes very long time to photo things that I’ve done. This jacket I finished in May but it was never used yet. So, recently I picked up a pile of finished but not photographed things, persuade my boyfriend to go out with photo camera and as soon as we started photo session it started to rain. Typically.

Anyway, this jacket is made from one of the yarns, which I bought at Syfestivalen (fair for some hand crafts) in the last November. Oh, I bought a lot there. In my Latvian blog you can look at the picture of that days balance. And now I strongly decided not to go to this year’s autumn market if I will not knit out at least half of the yarn, which I bought there. But I think that I am almost there ;)

Pattern for the jacket I found at the book Kreativ stickning by Ingelisa. Yarn Simpson: acrylic and merino wool. Needles 7 and 8 mm. Used 5 skeins (one skein 100g).

Jewelry for Indra

As everyone else, I can tell some interesting stories how people meet each other. Here my acquaintance with Indra. Once I searched at Latvian friend web based community if there are many people who carry the same surname as my mother had before marriage. Nop, not many at all (just few). And the only woman also happened to have the same name as my mother. So I wrote to her and she wrote back and we found out that we agree quite well. Next two times I visited Latvia we met and I am so happy now to have her as a friend.

I also made some small simply jewelry for Indra and she was so nice to make photos and send them to me.

Ledas bracelet

Well, now Leda has the bracelet also. I just had the idea of crocheted bracelet in my mind and finally that was ripen enough to make it happen. So I made simple crochet chain with heart-formed beads and then crocheted from both sides in treble crochet. But as with earrings also here the silver wire leaves special impression.

Dolls jacket

After finishing Fabel jacket for child and the similar one for myself (not showed yet) I am still in such love with this pattern that I made the clothing for the doll. So far, poor creature she had just hat ;)

Beaded necklace and earrings

This was very easy. I bought the mix of the beads at Panduro and then just strung them. My child lend a hand, so it went fast, the only thing was to watch out not to string the big ones too close to each other. Before to string the necklace I picked out some beads for earrings.

Wire knitted necklace and bracelet with beads

Again, the book Wire Knits by Heather Kingsley-Heath had the necklace pattern which I wanted to try. I used the metallic wire and mix of the beads. Then I made matching bracelet, but as the necklace is quite impressive, bracelet is more modest.

Hairpin lace skirt

Pattern from Stitch Diva Studios. Just wanted to try. So far had them on once, at my friends’ dissertation party. I made a mistake not to think properly about waistband. I just crocheted that, thought that tight enough but during the evening it got more and more loose and I almost lost the skirt. Now I bought satin band and will fix it.

My mohair shawl

This shawl was made to complement the skirt, which I crocheted in hairpin lace technique. Used green mohair yarn and yarn Salsa from Garnstudio.

Earrings for knitting geek

At – web based auction page I put an eye on those earrings. Mine! Even if somebody already bid I didn’t give up and finally overbid!

Vest for the child

My child has a cousin. This vest I made for Noah in soft Alpaca yarn, needles nr.3 mm. Pattern I looked from the vest that Noah’s grandmother made for his uncle when he (uncle) was a little baby. But after finishing I started to doubt how appropriate is my chose of yarn for such a garment for so little person (1 to 2 years) as it should be washed very carefully.

Knitted trousers for the child

Child needs some colors on and to be warm. That’s why I knitted those trousers. Yarn Big Verona from Järbo Garn. Buttons I bought at Syfestivalen. Now I know that straps need to be done differently, as they have tendency to fall off. But then I am crossing them on the backside and it works well.

Knitted poncho for the child

This poncho is my first half done poncho ever. Half because the second half was done by our friend Mary, living in Uruguay. She is so good at crafts and while visiting their family she said that she want to knit the poncho for our soon to be born baby. Thought she wanted to finish another project and then I asked her to show me how the poncho should be done and as I had nothing else to do, I started to knit. After some days we went to excursion and meanwhile Mary finished the poncho. This is so lovely, it also suites one for very long time. Baby wore it as newborn and as 2 years old.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Hairpin crocheted jewelry

Yes, it is addiction to knit or crochet with wire. Pattern for earrings I saw at Stitch Diva studios home page, but for bracelet made up myself. Earrings could be smaller and to be honest, I don’t really know if I will ever have them on. But bracelet is just fine. Golden copper and those orange beads make them look SO!!!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ledas earrings

What should I say? Inspiration for those earrings I got again on Ravelry. I made them for the friend and colleague Leda, who, when looking at my blog give me a lot of compliments. So, I wanted to make something special for her. I used heart formed beads and crocheted with silver wire, 0.3 mm.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Wrist warmers for Wendy

This piece of garment I never imagined to make. As I can´t understand their function apart from just being beautiful. Isn’t it so, that fingers are first to freeze already when there are less that +10 degrees outside? ;)
Whatever, those I made for the friend who asked me for a pair. She chose yarn and I made them ready.

Mittens for the child

Well, not really the season… But I am trying to catch up with publishing most of my handwork here, at my blog. Those are mittens made for my child when previous got too small. Used Alpaca yarn from Garnstudio. Should I say that even those are too small by now?


The same book Wire Knits had the pattern for rosebuds. Actually very first time I saw this pattern at ravelry. It also inspired me to buy the book. After trying with hearts I changed to roses. Not difficult at all, and beautiful. I am afraid that this one will not be the last one.

Two love hearts necklaces

Not just earrings but also necklaces one can make from knitted hearts! Here I made one for me and one for the friend Liza.