Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pinwheel sweater for me

Unfortunately I need to complain. Namely, quality of the Kauni yarn is not at all sufficient. Already at many knitting forums I read that the yarn might be broken leaving a knot and suddenly revealing a completely different colour. When the effect is supposed to be a smooth transition like this brand is developed for, then the poor knitter wants to have this effect into the piece of fiber art. When I started to knit I detected a knot. Gladly, it was made from exactly the same colour threads and I felt relieved… but soon after I discovered that now instead of being red-orange-yellow-green-etc. my garment will look like red-orange-yellow-orange-red-etc. No good.

Well, as I had bought a little bit more yarn than needed just for my and my child’s sweaters, I managed to plan so that I finally got the right colours at the right places. Oh, I love this jacket very much already! Also this pattern is taken from Elann.

My last needle felt project: dreads

I wanted to try dreads for some time now. Finally my hair seemed long enough and I asked around for some dreadmaster who might be able to make my head. This question left unanswered and then my boyfriend who is the father of my child (yes, we are together again) said that he would give a try to make dreads for me. We checked some dreadheaded people forums, found some answers, some we got from his colleague NuttyDread and then process started! It took almost 3 weeks to finish the forms, but actually, might be good to know that dreads are the stuff that never is finished. And yes, one part of the dread people takes the help of crochet hook. But as all this process is named ´to felt your own hair´ I said, that would be interesting to hasten the process with felting needles. It works! For me at least.

Huge thanks to Joakim for making these wonderful dreads and also to our child for surviving that chronic attention deficit during the dread-making weeks!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crocheted dress

Long, long time ago I was visiting my boyfriends’ now late mother. She had old Swedish knitting and crocheting magazines from 70-ies at home. I fall in love with the pattern of crocheted dress. Then she was so kind to pay for yarn as the present for me. My boyfriend then chose the colours for yarn to order. After a while I had one dress of my own. Here at the picture I am with the daughter of my cousin at her school graduating party!

Shame for me for wearing the dress too seldom.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Skull and snake sweater for hard rock fan

I have a friend. He came into my life when I had it as hardest and darkest. He was standing there with the torch and showing me that light is possible again. As warm and nice is his heart as dark is his music taste, home design and clothes. ;)

Well, and then he was going to have a birthday. Knowing that black is a right colour I went to the yarn shop… but there… following my own taste, I just could not resist not to chose completely black, but next in the colour scale: greyish. Then I also guessed that for a mans sweater I need to have almost more that half kg yarn, but it was not true, I used just 300 g of Kampes wool. What was over I changed later to more colourful yarns. Model I compiled from 5 different patterns. Looking around on Ravelry I found also a suitable sign but that I just made in my favourite colour, orange. And seems that I have been forgiven!