Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My last needle felt project: dreads

I wanted to try dreads for some time now. Finally my hair seemed long enough and I asked around for some dreadmaster who might be able to make my head. This question left unanswered and then my boyfriend who is the father of my child (yes, we are together again) said that he would give a try to make dreads for me. We checked some dreadheaded people forums, found some answers, some we got from his colleague NuttyDread and then process started! It took almost 3 weeks to finish the forms, but actually, might be good to know that dreads are the stuff that never is finished. And yes, one part of the dread people takes the help of crochet hook. But as all this process is named ´to felt your own hair´ I said, that would be interesting to hasten the process with felting needles. It works! For me at least.

Huge thanks to Joakim for making these wonderful dreads and also to our child for surviving that chronic attention deficit during the dread-making weeks!!!

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