Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pinwheel sweater for me

Unfortunately I need to complain. Namely, quality of the Kauni yarn is not at all sufficient. Already at many knitting forums I read that the yarn might be broken leaving a knot and suddenly revealing a completely different colour. When the effect is supposed to be a smooth transition like this brand is developed for, then the poor knitter wants to have this effect into the piece of fiber art. When I started to knit I detected a knot. Gladly, it was made from exactly the same colour threads and I felt relieved… but soon after I discovered that now instead of being red-orange-yellow-green-etc. my garment will look like red-orange-yellow-orange-red-etc. No good.

Well, as I had bought a little bit more yarn than needed just for my and my child’s sweaters, I managed to plan so that I finally got the right colours at the right places. Oh, I love this jacket very much already! Also this pattern is taken from Elann.

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ivana said...

great sweater;) looks amazing;)) (I already thought that when I say it on artiga). and great picture! the one below the title!! wonderful picture! you are looking sexy;)