Monday, April 28, 2008

Sewn mouse Pio

Pattern from the same book as described here when I sew kitten Mio. The little mouse was so sweet that I couldn’t resist to make her and to give it to cat. (What a nice gesture from me, being vegetarian ;)) I used gray felted sheet, bought at Panduro shop and a little yarn for tail and moustache.

My and Lienes paper shawls

I made the shawl for me a while ago. Then I published a picture of that in Latvian internet community and get some compliments. One friend of mine, Liene, said that she would like to have such a nice shawl. As I had bought quite a lot yarn, mostly with thoughts to make scarves or shawls even for my friends, I used the same yarn type, but different color for Lienes shawl. Yarn Trawl Paper from Ice Yarns, 20% Paper, 30% Micro Fiber, 50% Micro Polyester. My shawl is in yellow-brown-salmon palette, but Lienes: yellow-green-blue-orange. Colors which suits both of us very well. As the yarn contains some paper, I call them paper shawls!

Cross-stitched elephants for wise guy André

Some time ago I put an eye on auction at on pattern kit for cross-stitch painting where one elephant was so wise, that all other elephants drag him on carriage. I put the bid and got it. Can’t really remember if I new then for what purpose, but later on when I get know, that my friend André will defend his thesis, I decided to make it for him. The good planning was important. As I learned from previous cross-stitch work, it takes a lot of time. So I planned one elephant for one week plus little time to finish up all other stitches around. Who would actually think that it takes so long? If I am knitting every evening, I can make the sweater in one week, but here just one small elephant….

Anyway, step-by-step, work went further and I finished cross-stitch painting just in time to give it away.

This time even the framing was not so big issue. I bought the standard frame and made all the rest work myself. Maybe it is not completely professional, but I am quite content with how it turned out.

I just hope, that André likes the present.

Knitted needle case

After long years of my childhood, without knitting needles sorted by numbers, using just, say 2 pairs for all works, I finally fall in collecting and buying a pair of every number. But then I also got in heritage quite a lot from my boyfriends late mother. Also, I got some from my boyfriend’s brother’s wife’s grandmother, who now are too old to knit. All that hype of knitting needles should be kept somehow and I decided to make the knitted case. Knitted with leftovers yarn straight peace and made it together. For bottom I used cardboard, for which I crocheted around with other yarn and sew together. Now my needles are in good order in nice case.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Knitted toy: elephant

Once, when I as usual in the beginning of every month went to magazine store to see if there is something interesting in knitting and crocheting field, I saw magazine Simply Knitting with attachment Noah’s Ark by Alan Dart. There he shares the patterns for the different animals, which strange enough are believed to be on Noah’s Ark when big flood came because of manhood sins. No, Alan Dart didn’t make thousands of animal species, which we see around as. He made just 15. But they are beautiful. And I made an elephant. So far…
I used yarn Pascal Baby from Järbo, colours 6948 and 6949.