Monday, April 28, 2008

Cross-stitched elephants for wise guy André

Some time ago I put an eye on auction at on pattern kit for cross-stitch painting where one elephant was so wise, that all other elephants drag him on carriage. I put the bid and got it. Can’t really remember if I new then for what purpose, but later on when I get know, that my friend André will defend his thesis, I decided to make it for him. The good planning was important. As I learned from previous cross-stitch work, it takes a lot of time. So I planned one elephant for one week plus little time to finish up all other stitches around. Who would actually think that it takes so long? If I am knitting every evening, I can make the sweater in one week, but here just one small elephant….

Anyway, step-by-step, work went further and I finished cross-stitch painting just in time to give it away.

This time even the framing was not so big issue. I bought the standard frame and made all the rest work myself. Maybe it is not completely professional, but I am quite content with how it turned out.

I just hope, that André likes the present.

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