Monday, April 28, 2008

My and Lienes paper shawls

I made the shawl for me a while ago. Then I published a picture of that in Latvian internet community and get some compliments. One friend of mine, Liene, said that she would like to have such a nice shawl. As I had bought quite a lot yarn, mostly with thoughts to make scarves or shawls even for my friends, I used the same yarn type, but different color for Lienes shawl. Yarn Trawl Paper from Ice Yarns, 20% Paper, 30% Micro Fiber, 50% Micro Polyester. My shawl is in yellow-brown-salmon palette, but Lienes: yellow-green-blue-orange. Colors which suits both of us very well. As the yarn contains some paper, I call them paper shawls!

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