Monday, June 23, 2008

Knitted bracelet

This is my very first attempt to knit with metallic wire as well very first attempt to knit with beads. And you know what? It is very easy, and beautiful, and fast. Both wire and beads I bought at Panduro.

Fabel yarns jacket for child

Looking through different projects at community Ravelry, I saw jacket for child made by this pattern from Garnstudio. It looks very effective with two colors, but I decided that it would look as effective with this Fabel yarn, color 151, which I happened to have at home ;)

Pattern is just genius, cause one needs sew just two lines: those under sleeves. I made size for 2 years old except that sleeves seemed too tight if just 18 cm, so I made 20 cm instead. All the rest knitted as described. Buttons are from coconut shells, matched best with jacket and don’t take over the yarns own color blend.

I am very content with result!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sunsmile jacket for child

Last year, while at Latvia, I went to yarn store Musturs and bought this yarn called Sonrisa made by Katia. It consists of 55% cotton, 30% acrylic, and 15% nylon, color 9. As soon as I saw the yarn I thought about my child, who really is the largest sunshine in my life!

Now, at the beginning of June, I was knitting and planning a lot of projects but started to think more about my little one and realized that almost all sweaters or cardigans are to little already or yet too big but still all my mind was directed to things to be made for myself. So my conscious pushed at me and I started to make this jacket. It was one of my fastest finished objects. I knitted it in two days and in third sew together as well as attached the buttons. Somehow I had this itching in my fingers and obsession in my mind to make it ready soon. Maybe because I am still having a lot of plans and want to do it all.

But now I am on my second child jacket on row… soon that too will be ready!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Shorts made by Jo

Once my boyfriend told me that he would be happy if I started to play chess. I, from the other hand said that I would be happy if he started to knit. Both of us started to make each other happy! I can play a little chess. And he started to knit. First he made a scarf for his grandmother, and then those trousers for our child. They are very nice and look great!