Monday, June 23, 2008

Fabel yarns jacket for child

Looking through different projects at community Ravelry, I saw jacket for child made by this pattern from Garnstudio. It looks very effective with two colors, but I decided that it would look as effective with this Fabel yarn, color 151, which I happened to have at home ;)

Pattern is just genius, cause one needs sew just two lines: those under sleeves. I made size for 2 years old except that sleeves seemed too tight if just 18 cm, so I made 20 cm instead. All the rest knitted as described. Buttons are from coconut shells, matched best with jacket and don’t take over the yarns own color blend.

I am very content with result!


Steffinchen said...

Very nice jacket! I was searching for a pattern what suggested this yarn. I have this yarn here in the same color and now I know what I will knit from it! Thanks!

MissBlingeling said...