Thursday, November 27, 2008

Parcel for my parents

While I went to school, studied at University and later when just worked, I still went to my parents place almost every weekend. At that time I also knitted a lot socks for them and finger mittens for my mum. They have a small farm, and usually they use more than two pairs each at the winter season. Now, when I live far away, I haven’t done it for some years, instead I started to knit more for myself and more exciting things. Though, the time has come when I knitted some pairs for them again, and just sent the parcel with socks and mitts away.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Romantic crocheted hat

I am practical person. Most of the time. ;) I try to avoid buy things just because they are beautiful. But do you think I manage? No, not really. Sometimes I bought clothing that just stays at the shelf. I bought some yarn just because it is SO NICE. And I even happen from time to time make useless things. Like this hat: I saw the pattern in some old Swedish magazine Sticka & Virka from 70-ies. Beautiful, I thought, will look nice on me! So I made it. But now I have no idea when will I wear it? It is not at all my stile, and I don’t go to carnivals. P.S. Even there is my child at the picture the hat is for me. So far…

Shawl in Fabel

Well it is very interesting with taste for yarns. Like I just love Fabel from Garnstudio, but I rather dislike Opal sock yarn. I liked also this pattern for shawl at Garnstudios home page, so I didn’t hesitate and made one.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yoke sweater from Drops

While knitting that hat I fell so much in love with those yellow-red bright colours, that new project soon was born in my mind. New sweater with happy colours was exactly what I needed ;) Again passing by one of my favourite yarn shops Stickbutiken (because person working there is very nice, and besides the shop is nearest to my home) I bought yarn for sweater. Pattern first caught my eye at Ravelry where few other people used it for their projects. Knitting yoke is so pleasant that I can’t understand why this one is my first yoke ever? No seems to sew (thing which I really dislike), knitting just round and round, which leads to knitting mostly instead of purling (which then is much faster).

Hat in alpaca from Drops

Hat in alpaca from Drops When I had my ruffle scarf ready I needed some hat to match with it. First I sought around for pattern, found this at Drops web page, which I thought would be very nice with scarf. Then I went to yarn shop to buy yarn in matching colours. Found all those Drops alpaca 3900, 3620, 2915 and 2924. So, I began to knit and took one motif less (caste on 112 stitches instead of 140), cause otherwise it would have been too large for me. It was rather difficult to know where I need to start to make it narrower for the top of the hat. I already made more cm as description said. But when I finished it didn’t suite so well on me. Somewhat too short- you see on the picture. What a fortunate that I have child who can use the hat instead! Me? I am planning to make one similar hat for me again.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Spring green sweater

This is almost 3 years old sweater. I think that idea came into mind when I saw the pattern in knitting magazine Sandra. Either I had the green cotton yarn at home, or I went to buy one. I love this spring, salad green colour! Then I chose the other, effect yarn and decided that now it is time to make something out from two different yarn qualities. I followed the pattern from magazine (except some small details) and here is the result. Cotton yarn: Idena Bambino Bomull, effect yarn: Hjerte garn Flower

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Multicolored shawl

This project started already from yarn. I saw it at web bidding page and just needed. But when yarn arrived, I realized that it is a little bit different as I suspected. Anyway, I liked the colours and was determined to make shawl. But just two stains with around 29 m in each also didn’t feel very promising. Then I just divided every skein in two (as it was made from two) and got twice as much meters- exactly needed for this shawl.
I also had trouble to find the pattern that would suite the yarn, but finally, by trial and error method I manage.
Yarn is named Zeugma and made by Ice Yarns

Monday, November 10, 2008

Milk and cotton

First time about yarn from milk I heard when I went to yarn shop Wincentgarner. They sell yarn from Rowan, and seller told me that there is new yarn out in market, made from milk. How do they do it? I wondered. Next time Maria wrote about yarn in her blog with nice picture of her wrist warmers. As she had knitting café just some days after, I went there and bought that yarn- 30% milk and 70% cotton from Viking of Norway. Actually yarn is called Milk & Honey, hmm does it means that soon there will be yarn from honey also? Pattern I used from, Argosy, and it is very adequate to such a changing shades.
But still I wonder, how can one make the yarn out of milk?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

First attempt with hairpin crochet

Hairpin crocheting is very beautiful technique. Before crocheting the skirt I made the trial on this scarf. I found some mohair yarn at my boyfriends mums stash and tried out. There are other hairpin crochet projects in my mind…

Childs jacket

The jacket is quite old. I made this one while I was expecting baby. As inexperienced at baby’s sizes I happen to make the hood too small. It sort of fitted my child at the first months, but soon was too small. Jacket itself though, fitted more than 2 years. Yarn used: Snuggly Baby Care DK by Sirdar. Very soft and pleasant.

Shawl in Gloria

This shawl is also made from pile, bought at Syfstivalen 2007. Then I bought two colorways of this yarn, Gloria from GB Wolle. One product you have seen here but this is another one. You see, I tried to get rid of yarn stash. Now I have clothing stash!!!!!

Report from Craft Fair (Syfestivalen)

That’s it. Now I have been at this years fair. This time I was better prepared than last year. I planned and wrote on the paper what I need to buy. Then I thought a lot what I like and dislike and all this helped: not so much impulsive purchase this time! Which means also- not so much bags to carry and not afraid to came to home to show all that to boyfriend. ;) At the same time I am a bit disappointed. Cause some yarn from my list just wasn’t there. Example: I am planning to knit the sweater in Fabel 162 (usually one can buy this yarn at most of the yarn shops around here. But at the fair there were just 2 or 3 sellers who had the brand, but other colours (besides quite a few). And so was with many other brands. Very incomplete picture of the yarn market. What I would like is some real yarn fair (as this one is called Syfestival- Sewing festival and quite a lot sellers offered material for quilting people) where many yarn companies would show all their products. I just wonder if such a dream fair will be here, at Stockholm, or should I go for it somewhere else. Apart from the yarn I bought the orange linen cloth for curtain and cotton cloth (rainbow coloured) for the shelf.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Turquoise shawl

This is one more project made from last years fair’s stash. Yarn for this shawl came into kit together with description. So, at some tired-out evening I just wanted to pick up some mindless project and this was good enough for that. In spite of that shawl is not at all so bad. Yarns used here: Chili, Mandarin Classic, Kitten Mohair (hmm, does that means that it contains fur of the cats? ;)) all by Sandnes Garn. Needle size: 10mm

Syfestivalen and red sweater

Well, now I need some sleep, but tomorrow is the `going to craft fair at Stockholm (Syfestivalen)´ day. Last year I came to home with 4 big bags of yarn. Now I tried to plan in advance: things, that I need, things, that I don’t need and things that would be nice to have ;)
Though, I haven’t gone through all my last years purchase yet to validate if I managed to knit out at least half (some kind of promise to myself). And I will not.
Just in case if it shows that I need to stay at home ;))))))

Will se what the new day will bring us!

Meanwhile, at last I made a photo with the sweater, which is at least 5 years old. Yarn I bought at the same kind of fair for 5 or 6 years ago. This project was incredible fast to knit- some 22 sts and 15 mm needles.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

family project: hats

It started from my orange hat. It showed to be so warm, that we had to fight in our little family who will have it. Finally person who was biking that day used it. But as the second person also liked it (say me) there was nothing else to do as to knit the new hat. In matching colors, so that I can wear my boa scarf with it, but as warm as the orange. When that second hat for us, grown ups were made, I decided that little one also should have one similar. So that all can see, that we are relatives ;)

Orange body for the child

This body I made a while ago for my child for use at the hot summer days. Pattern I took again from old Soviet Latvia magazine. Body fits well together with Joakims knitted trousers as it is the same yarn, but different colors.

What happens when there is clay bought first time in our house?

Then the child's parent makes a lot of strange figures to show the kid how the clay might work.