Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hat in alpaca from Drops

Hat in alpaca from Drops When I had my ruffle scarf ready I needed some hat to match with it. First I sought around for pattern, found this at Drops web page, which I thought would be very nice with scarf. Then I went to yarn shop to buy yarn in matching colours. Found all those Drops alpaca 3900, 3620, 2915 and 2924. So, I began to knit and took one motif less (caste on 112 stitches instead of 140), cause otherwise it would have been too large for me. It was rather difficult to know where I need to start to make it narrower for the top of the hat. I already made more cm as description said. But when I finished it didn’t suite so well on me. Somewhat too short- you see on the picture. What a fortunate that I have child who can use the hat instead! Me? I am planning to make one similar hat for me again.

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