Sunday, November 9, 2008

Report from Craft Fair (Syfestivalen)

That’s it. Now I have been at this years fair. This time I was better prepared than last year. I planned and wrote on the paper what I need to buy. Then I thought a lot what I like and dislike and all this helped: not so much impulsive purchase this time! Which means also- not so much bags to carry and not afraid to came to home to show all that to boyfriend. ;) At the same time I am a bit disappointed. Cause some yarn from my list just wasn’t there. Example: I am planning to knit the sweater in Fabel 162 (usually one can buy this yarn at most of the yarn shops around here. But at the fair there were just 2 or 3 sellers who had the brand, but other colours (besides quite a few). And so was with many other brands. Very incomplete picture of the yarn market. What I would like is some real yarn fair (as this one is called Syfestival- Sewing festival and quite a lot sellers offered material for quilting people) where many yarn companies would show all their products. I just wonder if such a dream fair will be here, at Stockholm, or should I go for it somewhere else. Apart from the yarn I bought the orange linen cloth for curtain and cotton cloth (rainbow coloured) for the shelf.

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ivana said...

I just sent you a message on ravelry - asking about the fair - and now i found out my answers on your blog;)))