Monday, November 10, 2008

Milk and cotton

First time about yarn from milk I heard when I went to yarn shop Wincentgarner. They sell yarn from Rowan, and seller told me that there is new yarn out in market, made from milk. How do they do it? I wondered. Next time Maria wrote about yarn in her blog with nice picture of her wrist warmers. As she had knitting café just some days after, I went there and bought that yarn- 30% milk and 70% cotton from Viking of Norway. Actually yarn is called Milk & Honey, hmm does it means that soon there will be yarn from honey also? Pattern I used from, Argosy, and it is very adequate to such a changing shades.
But still I wonder, how can one make the yarn out of milk?

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ivana said...

wow milk?! when i was in yarn shop in stockholm - i was surprised to see yarn made from anything else but sheep - in croatia, all we have is sheep yarn;)))

i love the shawl!