Saturday, May 3, 2008

Scarves a la boa

At the beginning of every month I try to go to the magazine shop and look for new interesting craft journals. Once I put an eye on magazines Simply Knitting attachment- some kind of plastic thing with which consumer were promised to make utmost beautiful scarves. Should I say, that I bought the magazine? ;)

At the same evening I started to make scarf for me. I used those yarns: Järbo garn Tindra 100% polyester, color 210, Idéna Happy, 100% polyester, color 800 and Järbo garn Big Verona 100% acryl, color 021. This is the clothing which had given me the most compliments…. so far. I like that scarf very much and it is also very warm.

After some time I made one more scarf for Andrea. She was friend and baby sitter for my child at Uruguay for almost 4 month, for two hours, three times per week, while I went to train karate. There I used following yarns: Veslon Malaga 100% polyester, color 298C; Pingouin Sedificada from Paramount Fios 70% acryl and 30 % wool; and Pingouin Família 100% acryl. I hope that Andrea likes the scarf.

So far I’ve made one more scarf. But unfortunately, I didn’t make picture before to give that away as present for my very good friend Daina. Maybe, Dainīt, some day we can do something about it?!

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