Saturday, November 8, 2008

Syfestivalen and red sweater

Well, now I need some sleep, but tomorrow is the `going to craft fair at Stockholm (Syfestivalen)´ day. Last year I came to home with 4 big bags of yarn. Now I tried to plan in advance: things, that I need, things, that I don’t need and things that would be nice to have ;)
Though, I haven’t gone through all my last years purchase yet to validate if I managed to knit out at least half (some kind of promise to myself). And I will not.
Just in case if it shows that I need to stay at home ;))))))

Will se what the new day will bring us!

Meanwhile, at last I made a photo with the sweater, which is at least 5 years old. Yarn I bought at the same kind of fair for 5 or 6 years ago. This project was incredible fast to knit- some 22 sts and 15 mm needles.

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