Friday, August 22, 2008

Colorful jacket in yarn Simpson

Sometimes it takes very long time to photo things that I’ve done. This jacket I finished in May but it was never used yet. So, recently I picked up a pile of finished but not photographed things, persuade my boyfriend to go out with photo camera and as soon as we started photo session it started to rain. Typically.

Anyway, this jacket is made from one of the yarns, which I bought at Syfestivalen (fair for some hand crafts) in the last November. Oh, I bought a lot there. In my Latvian blog you can look at the picture of that days balance. And now I strongly decided not to go to this year’s autumn market if I will not knit out at least half of the yarn, which I bought there. But I think that I am almost there ;)

Pattern for the jacket I found at the book Kreativ stickning by Ingelisa. Yarn Simpson: acrylic and merino wool. Needles 7 and 8 mm. Used 5 skeins (one skein 100g).


twistedinstitches said...

Lovely sweater! NOW that will keep those gray cold days away!


You mean you have yarn goals too? Like I will not buy more pretty yarn until I use what I have at home??? Seems I always seem to forget that goal when I am at the yarn store...LOL!


The new official member of the knitting geeks :GRIN:

Linda said...

Åh vilken härligt färgglad kofta du har gjort!