Thursday, January 24, 2008

Orange scarf and hat

When I was at Uruguay, I met a friend, Mary who was making such a scarf for somebody. I liked how it turned out, so I asked her to teach me the pattern. We also went to yarn store and there I was impressed how many different and bright colors one could buy there then. At that time, I had difficulties to see such bright colors in Sweden’s yarn shops (but now it is better). And not just color, but also price was different. I can buy 1 kg nice yarn in Uruguay for the same price as I buy 100 g at Sweden. So, then I bought a pile of yarn there. One of them was this orange, 2209 Família made by Pingouin. And immediately started to knit the scarf. After scarf I wanted to make something on the head, so I made this very simple hat. After making hat ready I was at the yarn store again (now in Sweden) and there I saw such an orange chunky yarn Happy from Idéna, color 800. As I didn’t want to pull all up I took a crochet hook and crocheted around the hat with this chunky yarn. Due to that the hat is very warm as there are 3 layers around the ears. That is a reason why I share this hat with my boyfriend. Usually the hat is wearing person who is biking.

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