Thursday, November 27, 2008

Parcel for my parents

While I went to school, studied at University and later when just worked, I still went to my parents place almost every weekend. At that time I also knitted a lot socks for them and finger mittens for my mum. They have a small farm, and usually they use more than two pairs each at the winter season. Now, when I live far away, I haven’t done it for some years, instead I started to knit more for myself and more exciting things. Though, the time has come when I knitted some pairs for them again, and just sent the parcel with socks and mitts away.


fale artut said...

Hm, hoppas att du förstår svenska!
Så Glada stickningar du har gjort!
Man blir varm av att se dem!

dace said...

Tack så mycket! Jo, jag förstår språket, och tycker om ditt blogg.

fale artut said...

Tack så mycket! Det värmde lika bra som glögg!

Samtal från min trädgård said...

Tack för att du tittar in på min blogg. Och vilken trevlig blogg du har själv! Jag har tittat mig omkring och gillar speciellt dina sjalar. Hoppas att paketet kommer fram i tid.

twistedinstitches said...

Dace my friend, I tagging you are "IT"...giggles!

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