Thursday, August 6, 2009

Skull and snake sweater for hard rock fan

I have a friend. He came into my life when I had it as hardest and darkest. He was standing there with the torch and showing me that light is possible again. As warm and nice is his heart as dark is his music taste, home design and clothes. ;)

Well, and then he was going to have a birthday. Knowing that black is a right colour I went to the yarn shop… but there… following my own taste, I just could not resist not to chose completely black, but next in the colour scale: greyish. Then I also guessed that for a mans sweater I need to have almost more that half kg yarn, but it was not true, I used just 300 g of Kampes wool. What was over I changed later to more colourful yarns. Model I compiled from 5 different patterns. Looking around on Ravelry I found also a suitable sign but that I just made in my favourite colour, orange. And seems that I have been forgiven!