Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pinwheel sun hat

Now I have been knitting two pinwheel jackets. One for my kid, one for me (not published yet). When I saw pinwheel sun hat at Ravelry, I had an urge to make it. Because my child really need one and because it looks so nice! After experience with this genius pattern I even didn’t need one for hat. Just was able to make it from the photos of other knitters.

This cotton yarn I bought at curiosity shop, which I passed by on my way to yarn shop :D. Great orange colour, but when the seller told me that yarn is from 60-ies or 70-ies I started to think if it good or bad. Fortunately, I just read the book of Yarn Harlot and she, as well as other passionate knitters say that there is no expiry date for yarn.

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