Saturday, July 18, 2009

Entrelac jacket

Finally I can present my first entrelac project. It has been swarming in my head for long time. Once I tried with another yarn, but got stuck when reading the description. Incredible difficult for me was to understand how could one knit at the front and back loop at the same stitch. I tried and tried, but nope, didn’t get it.
Then I asked for advice in crafters community, got help. But meanwhile I had many other project plans and my entrelac was waiting.
Then when summer was here and my kid didn’t have light cotton-like jacket, I felt ready to give the second chance to entrelac.
Yarn is ecological cotton Eko Tekla 8/4, bought at craft fare for some years ago. Made by Ateljé Huskroken. I used 5 skeins of 50 g. To be honest, the only reason why I didn’t gave up understanding of entrelac was memory that my mother once started to knit me an entrelac pullover, which was finished as vest :D. All the time I thought: if my mother did it, then I should also be able to do. Not that she can’t knit or so, but she doesn’t really like it. Completely different from me. From the other side her sister; my godmother is the crafty one in the family. So part of my crafty genes I got from her, another part from my grandmother from fathers side.


Rachel said...

Wow your hat and your entrelac turned out fantastic! What a talented knitter you are! Of course, your child looks so happy and bright in momma's handmade garments!


Bhavna said...

Oh my, this is amazing! You are truly gifted knitter.

momrandav said...

love the sweater and would love to make one
may I buy the pattern? thanks