Friday, July 10, 2009

Take a seat on the rainbow!

At the springtime I was again at the craft fair. Among other things I put an eye on the Evillas preyarn in rainbow colours. First I thought that I finally need to learn to spin, but then the seller told me that one could knit preyarn even without spinning. Well, then I napped on idea to do felted things and bought 4 skeins of preyarn.
I have one round chair at my new apartment and
decided that this chair need to look more colourful. Honestly, it is not at all easy to handle the preyarn, it takes time do crochet or knit, as yarn easily breaks. I crocheted round piece and made it for 1/3 larger as the chairs diameter is. Then I continued without increasing until the skein was finished. Washing and voila! Here it is: my rainbow chair!

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