Saturday, January 12, 2008

Latvian mittens: first finished project in 2008

I started to knit mittens for my boyfriend short before New Years Eve. Then when just little was left, I run out from the light green colour yarn. It didn’t bother me so much, I though, ok after holydays I am going to yarn shop and buy a new stain. But... when in yarn shop I get know that this yarn is not in production any more ;o( So, I had just two possibilities: 1) not to believe the seller and try to find yarn somewhere else or 2) try to do something different about mittens.
When I came to home and complain to my boyfriend, he came up with excellent idea. I should pull out the end of the first, finished mitten, use light green yarn to finish the thumb of the second one and then just to knit the ends of both in dark green yarn. That’s what I did and they came out fine. I knitted with Superwash Safir yarn from Marks & Kattens 100% wool. The pattern I found in old attchment (from 1976) of Soviet Latvia women magazine.

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