Sunday, February 10, 2008

greenish sweater

This pattern I saw on magazines *Simple Knitting* attachment *2008 calendar*. Sweater was made from other yarn, but I wanted to try this. It is incredible how many mistakes had the pattern while I was knitting and trying to understand how and what to do next. If I would be a beginner, I just would have given up. There were mistakes in description, in charts and in diagrams. But anyhow, I tried to think what should I do and somehow finished the project.

Yarn Susanna by G-B, 88% Acrylic and 12% Polyester, color 5. There are 350 g per skein, but I used up just 200 g. So there are 150 left for some other project. Needles 5 (both circular and usual).

Sweater could be a little longer and that I can change later with making some more ribs downwards. Good that it is warm.

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