Monday, May 19, 2008

Saturday, 17th of May…

…was very nice day. First we went to Latvian school. My child being half Latvian should keep up the language. There all children got piece of wood (with magnet) to make it as ladybird. This is what we made.After school through the rain we slowly went to knitting café, organized by Maria, Marias Garn (Marias Yarn) owner. It was my first time to participate in such an event. But definitely not last. I liked it a lot to be among many other knitters, most of them more experienced than me. Before I went there I had some questions about techniques or finishing but in there I got answers. One such a question was about my just started socks from Garnstudios home page. I bought yarn Fabel and wanted finally to make some more advanced socks. Those in so called modular or domino or patchwork I thought would be very interesting to make. Partly because yarn makes them so un-proportional and special, partly cause that would be my first project and challenge with modular knitting. I have read some books and magazines about that, but as long as you don’t do it yourself it is rather difficult to understand. Especially if I just read two sources and both of them says controversial things about some of the knitting part. Yes, so I just made first row of socks but then I didn’t know how to continue. Perfect that in this knitting café were some people who could help me with advise for making next row. And what a beutifull things other people do!!!

We even get on the picture by Maria- look here!

After being there for a while my child got tired and I decided to leave.

Next stop was vegetarian restaurant Seyhmus. Just delicious food and nice company- friend, who came to drink some tea together with us. After some while even my boyfriend joined for late lunch.

At the evening I continued to knit socks but but ;( …. they showed to be too large for me. I hate to pull out things so I tried to think for another application of my first modular knitting project and decided to make hat for the doll. After all it turned out not so bad!!!

What about socks? To be continued…..

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Just A Mom said...

Latvian school AND knitting in one day! I am envious of you!!! I wish so much that there was a Latvian language course I could take--my grandmother still speaks it but she is old and not a patient teacher. I know all the "BAD" words...LOL but none of the good ones to have a conversation. Your sock (altho too big) looks beautiful! I love the patterned triangles too. You will master this, I am sure of it! You are amazing in your abilities!

Thanks for sharing your day with us Dace!!!!