Saturday, July 26, 2008

How do you recognize my friends?

By bracelets, of course ;)

After my first attempt to knit with wire and beads, I made some more bracelets for my friends. As I went to Latvia for 1 week and planned to meet some of my nearest friends, I wanted to make something special for all of them. This is what I managed. Thought, I forgot to take photos with few of the bracelets.


charakan said...

Bracelets look great.Good work

andrée.lise said...


Love your projects.. so beautiful.

Can I just ask what gauge wire you use to make your knitted bracelets and earrings? I find that when I knit with wire it often snaps, any tricks to avoid this?

Thanks so much,

dace said...


I am mostly using 0,3mm wire. I guess there should be some gauge vs. mm converter around here on internet. Never had problems with snapping, but I guess that problem might be if wire bends. So trick is: not to let the wire bend. When you knit or crochet then pull it smoothly out of reel!

Good luck!