Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Before and after… :(

Oh, those things sometimes just happen. Always unintentional, unexpected but leaves behind a paralysing feeling. Namely, washing of knitted garment. Yes, sometimes the washers are stupid enough or tired or find other excuses why to put in washing machine fine wool and then to take out a fine felted piece of art. (And yes, I’ve done it as well).
But this time it was different. Fabel is superwash wool and this jacket has been washed at washing machine for several times. This time was crucial though. Apparently another clothing, washed together with this the most beautiful thing ever (or so far ;)), knitted by me, had bad personal chemistry with each other.

I tried already several more washings, bleaching, but so far nothing helps. Maybe you have some god hints?
Yes and photos are before and after…

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Pia said...

Åh, vilka fina tröjor, man blir glad av att se på dem.