Monday, February 18, 2008

Cross-stitch – wedding gift

Our good friends had a wedding at August, 2007. Shortly before, I bought a kit with flower to cross-stitch my present for them. Soon I realised, that it will take a loooooong time, but ok, I thought, it will take as long time as it is needed. I went to wedding with card which said, that present will came later. So I worked hard on that pattern, but after discussing with one my friend, also stitcher, she said: oh, those flowers, I made one; it took my 4 years to finish. I got afraid and started to look after another pattern. Found one in the internet. As the pattern originally is from Russian dealer, they didn’t use thread which I am acquainted with (like DMC or Anchor). So, colour palette we needed to find out ourselves (there I got help from my boyfriend). Time went, I sew this piece of art and it gets ready. Then we started to look after some frame. Easier said than done. Frame studios here in Sweden seemed too expensive and we waited. Meanwhile I realised that colours didn’t turn out perfect and that maybe some of them would be better to change. So we bought 3 other colour threads and I pulled out those which didn’t mach well. Then by compassion my boyfriend finished this picture. Frame we bought in curiosity shop and gave to frame studious person to make everything ready.

So finally in the weekend we gave it over to friends who get married already for 5 month ago.

Better late than never, says old Latvian proverb.

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