Saturday, March 1, 2008

Davides binary scarf

I saw the pattern many times for sure, and then thought: oh, how nice! But never saw it made by me, cause I don’t know any person so interested in computers or in Matrix. But then…… one day, there was a window popping up from Skype. Word by word the person writing to me seemed very nice. Then he and his friend came to city were we live, we met first at restaurant then some days later at our home.

After talking and chatting I wanted to make for him something with my own hands, as I sometimes do for my friends. Then I saw the scarf’s pattern again and as Davide is the software engineer and besides likes Matrix, I decided: let the scarf be made!

Black yarn I found at home from my boyfriend mothers stash. Green one I bought. Carolina from Marks & Kattens. From the beginning one skein, as I didn’t know how much will I need. But then???? Typically!!! When scarf was till it’s middle yarn finished. Good, then I need just one more. As from the first visit at the yarn shop just one week passed, I went back. But guess what? Yarn wasn’t there. They ordered, I get know. So I came back in two days….no not yet…..two more days….not yet….in two weeks… not yet…..some days later my boyfriend went by and asked…still no yarn in colour what I need. I got afraid that it will be as with green mittens and started to call to all the Stockholm’s yarn shops. Finally I found one skein in shop not so far from my working place. Then I could finish binary scarf and send it to my Italian friend, living in Switzerland.

By the way, did you read the message, Davide?

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