Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cutwork lace embroidery

I grew up with the Soviet school system, with ready programs what should one pupil learn in what order and do it on exactly one way. But finally when I was at higher grade, the new teacher of handicrafts got work at our school. She was very democratic and let us to choose projects, which we were interested by ourselves. I saw this work in attachment of Women magazine (very good monthly attachments on different crafts, I am using them still) and was so ambitious to do it. Somehow I managed. Now, when I look at this work, I hardly believe that I made it. Should I say that it is never practical used? It feels somehow so precious that I am afraid to take it out from shelf and bag. What if it will get dirty?
So I let it be. So far ;)

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Eva i Halmstad said...

Vilken vacker sjal, och vilket enormt arbete de ligger bakom den.
Må så gott.