Wednesday, May 7, 2008


For a quite long time all my knitting were to knit socks and gloves for my parents. Not for beauty, but for work. As they have a small farm and almost everything is on manpower there, they wore out 4 till 5 pairs of socks or gloves per season. So, at autumn I started to knit and at spring finished. Then I even hadn’t time for something else, as I also hadn’t explore knitting or crocheting as my passion. Now I sort of stopped to deliver hypes of socks for them, due to many reasons. One is that I live far away, second, that I have been taking more time for myself.

Here is a pair of socks for my mother and a pair for father. Yarn Fabel from Garnstudio and Lanett from Sandnes Garn.
As you can see they are very simple. Just now, when I am looking at other blogers pages or knitting community pages, I see and am amazed how beautiful socks some people makes. Soon me too will try some so called monkey (have no idea why it is called like that) or cabled or…. pattern of socks.

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